Okay, I’ll just come out and say this – your business needs a blog.

You’re probably sitting there reading this, thinking “no thanks, I don’t need another thing to work on. I have too much to do as it is.”

You’re probably also thinking “That’s rich coming from you Dani, this website is 6 months old and you’ve only just shared your first blog post.”

I know. But trust me, I know the importance of having a blog for my business and I should have done it sooner.

If you run a business, you’re probably wondering why your business needs a blog and if it’s actually worth the effort of starting one.

The short answer is “Yes, it is definitely worth the effort”. For a slightly longer, more detailed explanation of why your business needs a blog, read on!

5 reasons why your business needs a blog #BusinessTips #MarketingTips #MarketingStrategy #SmallBusiness

1. It’s a great way to drive traffic to your website

And that’s traffic you can convert into sales!

One of the biggest difficulties small business come across is getting people onto their website in the first place.

Maybe you craft handmade, bespoke wedding invites. Or you offer freelance writing services. Or you make furniture from reclaimed wood. Whatever you’re selling, you’ve probably (hopefully!!) already created a website to showcase your work and talents.

You’ve spent hour after hour curating your business website (or a bit of money on getting someone else to do it), pouring your heart and soul into it. Afterall, this business is your passion and you want your potential customers and clients to know that.

You hit publish and wait. Refreshing your stats page but nothing happens.


So, how exactly do you get eyes onto your website without bombarding your social media accounts with sales-y content? With blog posts, that’s how.

And that’s why I’ve listed this as the #1 reason why your business needs a blog. You’ll have great content to share with your target audience that will get them clicking through onto your website (where they’ll fall madly in love with your products and services).

2. Your blog forms part of your brand (and showcases your personality)

Your website is a place that your clients and customers can get to you know – to learn who you are, what you do and, most importantly, how you can help them.

The voice you use in your blog posts is just another element of your business brand. If you’re selling services, it’s really important that your potential clients get a feel for your personality. Afterall, they want to know that you are going to work well together. And, whilst you can portray some of your personality via social media, having a blog with add another layer to that.

On the other hand, if you’re selling products, it can be difficult to showcase your personality. Especially if the majority of posts you share on social media are images and descriptions of products and not much else. In this instance, you could use your blog as a gateway for your customers to get to know the person (or people) behind the business.

3. You have complete control of your blog

Social media platforms are great for sharing your products and services with your target audience. But what happens when Facebook suspends your account for no reason? Or the algorithm on Instagram changes again and suddenly no one is seeing your content.

Your followers can literally disappear overnight.

If your website is self-hosted (confused about the differences between hosted and self-hosted? Check out this post), you have complete control over it. No one is going to delete it without warning.

You can also post pretty much whatever you want on there. I’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurs in Facebook Groups complaining that their product posts have been deleted by Facebook for being “inappropriate”. Images like women breastfeeding as a product image for nursing tops and merchandise with “offensive” text on (obviously, swear words etc. are a different ballgame). Anyway, my point is that no one is moderating what you post on your own website and blog.

4. It puts you one step ahead of your competition

Ever thought about booking a service online and visited heaps of websites that all offer the same thing? It’s hard to differentiate between them, let alone make a decision on which one to use.

Make your business stand out from the competition by starting a blog section on your website.

Your blog can also help you to establish your expertise in your niche or market. Let’s say, for example, you’re looking for someone to rebrand your business and you find two websites. The quality of their portfolios is identical. One doesn’t have a blog. The other is full of blog posts explaining everything about branding from the psychology of your brand’s colours to a step-by-step guide for defining your target audience. Which one do you sign a contract with?

I know personally, I’d go with the one who had a blog because their expertise is clearly visible. You can see the passion they have for branding (why else would they spend hours writing blog posts about the topic if they didn’t love it?!) You can see that they have a great deal of knowledge about branding too. That’s not to say that the other person isn’t passionate or doesn’t have a great deal of knowledge but how would I know that if they don’t show me?

5. You can use your blog to help improve your customer/client experience

Whilst a blog is a great way to attract new people to your website and potentially convert them into paying clients and customers, it’s also a fantastic tool for looking after your current clients and customers.

Use your blog to share useful information that will actually help customers old and new. A great example of this, is the blog over at Bluchic (which is where I get my themes, landing page templates AND social media templates from, by the way!) Their blog is full of useful posts about why having a great website theme matters and how to make the most of their landing page templates to achieve great conversion rates. Not only do posts like these act as sales tools for their products but they also offer support and guidance to those who have already made purchases from them.

You can also use your blog as a kind of “FAQ” library. Rather than simply having a huge FAQ section to your website, take some common questions and turn the answers into blog posts.

Not sure what I mean?

Take this blog post for example. I often get asked why a business needs a blog. So, I used that question as the purpose of this post. And now you know exactly why your business needs a blog! See what I did there?

Got questions about starting a blog for your biz? Let me know in the comments below.

Know that you need a blog but simply don’t have the time to write posts? Check out my blog post writing packages here.

5 reasons why your business needs a blog #BusinessTips #MarketingTips #MarketingStrategy #SmallBusiness
5 reasons why your business needs a blog #BusinessTips #MarketingTips #MarketingStrategy #SmallBusiness